• Image of ACLU fundraiser: postcard paintings

One postcard-sized original painting, sent via USPS mail with actual stamps!

All proceeds after materials, shipping, and handling fees will go to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union---https://www.aclu.org/) for their work on the multiple social justice issues facing Americans. An estimated at $7.50 for each painting will be donated; donations may be added on after real-life costs are calculated. USA shipping included.

You can pick one of 4 themes, or leave it completely to luck of the draw with option 5. No requests, no commissions (at this price anyway), just art for a good cause.

Paintings will ship once per week in hand-stamped batches. These will be sent as letters in the mail, without hefty packaging. Damaged paintings may be replaced if the US Mail is really, really mean to your letter.